b. 1986, HK.

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Seattle Symphony and Orchestra
John Hopkins & Coca Cola Nanjing
Terra Nyce Photography
Giving Tech Labs



Current design inspiration:

Shillington College*
Mira Design
Jessica Hische
Dropcap Design

*my alma mater!


Kelly Hansen is a graphic designer and wannabe rapper who enjoys using her talents to solve problems using creativity, playfulness and an intuitive approach.

My passions lie in print, branding, concept development and drawing inspiration from words around me, using them to invoke emotions in my design. One of my favorite parts about design is all the moving parts that are involved: smart marketing, focused strategy and data. You can read more about my journey to becoming a designer as well as what I love about it here.

At night I run a small design studio serving those in the wedding industry, both bride and creative business (photographer, wedding planners, florist, etc) alike. My hope is that my work empowers others in a creative capacity so they can better serve their clients. You can see more Alba Design Co. work here.

When I am not designing, I love to read, write, learn new perspectives through podcasts, ponder what happened to JonBenét Ramsey or if Michelle McNamara and I would be BFF’s, devise a new way to make it back on SNL (for real this time), planning our funny Christmas card for the year (with equally laughable 5 minute Photoshop work), cook with my husband and sip 10 Barrel Raspberry Sour

Currently I live in Seattle where I am a graphic designer for Amazon Books brick and mortar stores as well as the newly minted Amazon 4-star and Amazon Pop-Ups. 

Contact | kellylittle.design@gmail.com